Best 37 Elon musk famous Quotes

Elon reeve musk, he is a billionaire, philanthropist, father, leader, engineer, etc.

Elon musk is 5th top richest people in the world as per the Forbes list of richest people in the world.

Elon musk has been featured as top influential people of the decade in times magazine and named in as most influential people in tech in 2019 by coders.

He is the founder of the top billion dollar companies based in America called SpaceX, which is a space exploration company and tesla which is an electric car manufacturing company.

Other than that, he owns several other companies like hyperloop, SolarCity, neural link, etc.

In this blog, let us see 37 inspirational yet interesting Elon musk quotes about his life, his mindset, his companies.

Elon Musk famous quotes
WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 25: CEO and chief designer of SpaceX Elon Musk participates in a discussion during the 2014 annual conference of the Export-Import Bank (EXIM) April 25, 2014 in Washington, DC. Musk announced in another event today that SpaceX will file a lawsuit against the U.S. Air Force on shutting out private companies for launching national security related rockets. The two-day event focused on global business environment and prospects for growth. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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37 Inspirational Elon musk famous quotes.

  • If something is important enough then you should do it even though if the odds are not being in your favor also.
  • When henry ford made cheap reliable cars people asked him that what is wrong with the horses? which has been a huge bet that actually worked.
  • It is okay to have all your eggs in a single basket as long as it is you who control the basket.
  • Persistence is very important. You shall not give up until you are forced.
  • Some people do not like change but you should probably embrace it if the alternative thing as an option is a disaster.
  • My biggest mistake in life is probably like relying too much on someone’s talent whereas not on their personality, I think what matters to me is having a good heart than having talent in compared to.
  • I don’t create companies for the sake of just creating companies instead of actually getting things done in the first place.
  • I’ve actually did not read any books on time management in my life at all.
  • Being an entrepreneur or a businessman is something likely to eating glass and looking and staring into the abyss of death.
  • You should not do things differently just because they are different but they need to be better at the same time.
  • I actually have always been optimistic yet I’m realistic as well, you know it is not with the expectation of having a great success that I did actually started companies such as Tesla or SpaceX, it’s just that I thought of doing it as they were important enough to do anyway.
  • A failure is always an option here and if you are not failing enough which means that you are not innovating enough in your task.
  • Optimism pessimism all fuck, we are going to make it happen that’s it.
  • There is a tremendous amount of bias against taking risks you know, everybody is trying to optimize their ass-covering .
  • I think you should be always bear in your mind that entropy is not on your side all the time.
  • If you wake up in the morning and think about the future which is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it is not.
  • The first step while establishing that something is actually possible in the meantime probability will definitely occur in that situation.
  • If you are trying to create a company it is more or less equal to baking a cake where you need to have all the ingredients in the right proportion.
  • I always invest my own money which i earned in the companies that I establish. I don’t believe anything like just using other people’s money. I don’t think that’s right. isn’t it? I am not going to ask other people to invest in something when I’m not prepared to invest myself in it.
  • We have a strict no assholes entry policy at SpaceX which is my save exploration company.
  • Ordinary people can choose to be extraordinary.
  • Life is very short to hold it for grudges. which are longterm.
  • I think the single best piece of advice is that you should always think of how you can do things that are both better and unique as compared to others by frequently questioning yourself.
  • If you need inspiring words to do anything then it is better you don’t do it.
  • Don’t confuse schooling with education. I have not been to Harvard school as a matter of fact but the people that work for me did actually study there.
  • Landing on Mars and a round trip ticket which actually costs within a half a million dollars can be done in the future.
  • There are some important yet notable differences between me and tony stark such as, unlike stark I have 6 kids and spend time with them in Disney land unlike stark in parties.
  • People should probably pursue what they are really passionate about, that is what makes them happier pretty much that any other thing.
  • What drives innovative thinking to happen? well, I think it is more of a mindset, it is that you decide to get it to happen.
  • I think it is essential to have a feedback loop where you will have to constantly be involved in thinking about what you have done and how could you do things that you have done better.
  • I don’t actually spend my time pontificating in some high concepts and things instead I actually spend more time-solving problems related to engineering and manufacturing issues only.
  • Avoid hiring MBAs as much as possible because MBA programs don’t teach people how to actually create companies in reality.
  • If humans do not land on Mars in my lifetime then I would seriously be very much disappointed.
  • The path to the CEO office needs to be through engineering and design not through the CFO office or marketing department.
  • I don’t think it is a good idea to plan to sell companies.
  • I am interested in the things that actually have the potential to change the world and affect the upcoming future, a new technology which you see it when you say like, wow, how did that happen, how is it possible?You have to say, why did it succeed where others did not?

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